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Unimog 1300 Doka Alain Brignol

dimanche 13 mars 2005 par Alain Brignol
Une superbe histoire
C’est l’ex unimog Opétation Okawango

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Tiffany Necklaces

jeudi 10 mars 2011
After two days ofReturn to Tiffany Round Tag Set maintenance of the alarm still exists, Mr. Tan has repeatedly called the dealer Wang. To 13 am, Wang went to the site withTiffany Polygon Earrings two technicians for maintenance, but still not fixed, but during maintenance and processing speaker after another burned out pump. 14 afternoonTiffany 1837 pendant necklace break the engine belt, water, has been to 18 and can finally started. Although the machine can be used, but the pump is always abnormal sound tiffany jewelry outlet storetrack also ran side, do not know when it will be a problem. Tiffany 1837 Titanium pendant in midnightfor their hard work I was very touched However, the quality of this excavator is no longer dare to believe. dealersTiffany 1 charm can not be renewed commitment to repair Wang led the technical staff in maintenance of the machine during the Feeling their hard and good service attitude, as someTiffany Elsa Peretti Open center cuff paid Tam The second paragraph 68,000 yuan futures, and the remaining 200,000 yuan on October 20 agreed to pay. Experience of maintenanceTiffany Elsa Peretti Teardrop bangle for several days but could not see to solve Tiffany 1837 Collection bangle braceletthe problem, Mr. Tan Wang proposed the replacement of the new machine, Wang wrote a page is an undertaking, and agreed to vary the sound of Tam in the repair of Tiffany Notes let me count the ways and i love you sethydraulic machine after the payment of another 20 million, if the repair or replacement can not agree with Recoil. Xinhua, Wang undertaking to Tiffany Elsa Peretti Apple pendant & bracelets Setverify the content, its lawyers said the truth of the undertaking. 18 日 machine to re-start after Wang and his party Tiffany Venetian Link Setthen left. Then phoned Mr. Tan Wang, reflecting the abnormal sound and the pump still running side track the issue, requiring replacement of a new Tiffany Heart tag toggle braceletmachine, but it has not been definitely answered a new machine, and proposed to set aside 50,000 yuan of quality guarantee, if the machine within six Tiffany Ten-row Chain Heart Set months there are no major mechanical failure, was paid in full. (legal Weekly News Hotline :0731 -84,802,117) results Wang Moujian not agree with me requirements, and thenTiffany Round Link with Heart Clasp Set I sued the breach of contract. Now I have submitted to the court pleadings, explanation is provided as Kaiyuan is the quality of the product, breach of contract first, and that led to my failure to pay the balance, I believe the court must have a just verdict.

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