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Unimog 406 RaphaŽl Chevillard

lundi 27 novembre 2006 par RaphaŽl Chevillard

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> Unimog 406 RaphaŽl Chevillard

jeudi 30 décembre 2010

(Responsibility editor :kaimengli)
Cotton shoe reporter, Dong Hai Dong, of the "openings" shoots
Xun(assistant Moncler reporter, Zhao Yu Feng, of reporter, Guo Jia Hao, ) in East Asia on the 25th, citizen, Ms. Gao, prepares over the weekend and family is going out to play, but going on a tour plan was canceled because of the reason of a pair of shoe.
On that day, Ms. Gao makes a special trip red sun shoe city to solve this matter.Ms. Gao says :"I bought a pair of shoe in the red sun shoe city on November 15 and bought to discover a quality problem 35 days later, the shoe is city said to meet three packs of rules after selling the posterity member the check, I handed over to wear away a fee later on 50 diverse, Tory Burch Shoes in addition 82 dollars bought a pair of new shoe.This cotton shoe wore for 3 days, this morning prepared wear shoe and family go out have fun, discovered right foot shoe the on the side had together about 3 Li rices grew of crack.I take to buy a small ticket of shoe to arrive shoe city to seek them, wanted to give° the shoe to bac, back money to me.This an around month two pairs of shoe all have a problem, be really suppress to bend too much."

Around 14:00, the reporter found out the store of red sun shoe city long Ms. Tang, Ms. Tang says :"Her shoe we see belong to factitiousness Pandora Jewelry to result in of, but I can return shoe factory for her, because all of this were the old customers, we would give to take care of of, if the nothing doing words have to do to authenticate for a while, if the consultation fee for being artificial have to the consumer undertake by himself[herself], true if the quality problem of shoe, that expenses from our.But now consumer as long as begging to back shoehorn money to return to her, this at we this has no precedent.And now consumer also not want to authenticate, also not want to return factory, that we also have no way."
Ms. Gao says :"Today cheap NFL Jerseys weekend, I to the department concerned make a phone call all rest, wait Monday, I prepare to seek department concerned to handle this matter."

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