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Serrure de porte gauche
jeudi 11 septembre 2008 par Jean Marie Baudry
Bonjour à tous, La remise en état de mon 411 se termine... petit problème la serrure de la porte gauche (côté chauffeur) est cassée. Une fois la porte fermée il est impossible de la reouvrir. Est ce qu’il y aurait sur ce forum une âme charitable qui pourrait me dépanner. Bientôt les photos de mon 411 couleur sable. Amicalement Jean-Marie 33

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> Unimog 411

vendredi 14 janvier 2011

(Responsibility editor :Zhang Yong)Rush to repair the spotSecond heart net Xun(correspondent king of reporter, Chen Jun Ru, always just diagram|correspondent Chen Po Wang is red) the morning of August 11, have already broken off to correspond by letter tower a Shi database because of the flood, mudslide the Er do a county to resume for two day with the external world of communication contact, but the mudslide results in the county lead to outside of only one passage-National Freeway Christian Louboutin shoes 314 the lines are several landslides, cause the county is transportation still be placed in to break off status currently.At about 14:00 on August 9, the Ka Shi occurrence in the Pa rice Er mountain area in region melts snow swollen mountain stream and result in the tower Shi database Er in region do an inshore National Freeway of county 314 the lines are more than 20 disasters, such as occurrence mudslide and landslide...etc., among them National Freeway 314 the on-line biggest landslide breadths are about 15 meters, deeply about 20 meters, the place of the thickest silt approaches 30 meters.In addition, the county is inshore of 3 bridges be been blunt to ruin by the flood, all of road and communication network break off.The reporter does county government to understand from the tower Shi database Er, this time disaster occurrence front, the county is inshore communication circuit has already been ascended a flood blunt ruin, the communication signal of intermittence arrives on the night of August 8 all interruptions."At about 14:00 on August 9, the more and more big flood was blunt to ruin more communications of network, cause the whole county city become an isolated island, can not make contact with the external world, the region has to pass satellite telephone to send out to plea for help an information to the external world."The county government is[one] staff member says that the herding area that mainly takes place in the high mountain canyon because of the disaster, the interruption of communication and transportation brings rescuing very difficult, currently can the disaster village contacting is only 4, 10 rest village fields are farther because of being apart from, temporarily can not understand its disaster circumstance.

According to understand, the flood takes place on that day, the county totally has more than 100 sizes vehicle and more than 400ses from the road is segment Be gone back and forth to in expect two countries of the traveller surround."After disaster takes place, the government has already organized to rescue the strength rescues supplies for 14 village field carryings and has the place of road and then sends with the car, vehicle can not the village field passing is used animal Tuo."This staff member says that disaster occurrence after, the tower Shi database Er does keeping of segment in the highway Christian Louboutin shoes road the officers and workers has already been blocked to National Freeway 314 lines the road segment carries on rushing to repair, extent of disaster statistics and rescuing are also having a preface to launch.The tower Shi database Er does a segment vice- segment in highway to grow to pull a sound according to cloth Louboutin Shoes ·card the virtuous Er say :"Through make a day of it for rushing to repair of a night, Louboutin Shoes the highway is segment gets along to manage 5 landslides and cleans up mudslide 30000 remainings to Christian Louboutin shoes sign a square rice.Currently, rush to repair a work still carry on in."The local Zhao Xing residents tell a reporter, flood not only hurtled to ruin the county to lead to an outside National Freeway 314 line parts of road segment, return is only one a the county deliver for Tory Burch Shoes local residents to live supplies of crossing and covering Zi river of gram that wooden bridge blocks a waist blunt ruin."Residents, home articles in the county city has already robbed to buy a now empty, electric power and water supply are to divide a stage supply".

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