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Unimog 411

Serrure de porte gauche
jeudi 11 septembre 2008 par Jean Marie Baudry
Bonjour à tous, La remise en état de mon 411 se termine... petit problème la serrure de la porte gauche (côté chauffeur) est cassée. Une fois la porte fermée il est impossible de la reouvrir. Est ce qu’il y aurait sur ce forum une âme charitable qui pourrait me dépanner. Bientôt les photos de mon 411 couleur sable. Amicalement Jean-Marie 33

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> Unimog 411

vendredi 14 janvier 2011

Is beyond all doubt, the female is life power, education right and right for a job, all measure to judge a social men and women if the truely equal importance is Jimmy Choo shoes standard.Being not difficult and discovering is regardless 《heavy earthquake in Tangshan 》 that China directs to throw to clap, is still that the oversea organization organizes of survey, the attitude of the people is in fact consistent :If the opportunity is enough many, men and women can equal share, but a to opportunity limited turning point, the male should have priority.This kind of thought idea have to admit, is still a kind of"false" and equal.The male center talks about in mankind is history to have several thousand years of origin and development, exception in none of all countries.Near half century, in the world big parts of nations all knowing this is Chen Gui is vulgar practice and not only relate to human rights, but also influence an economy development, have to change.But because the history tradition and value degree and strength for measure doesn,t exert a homology, the current conditions of all countries are also not even.Chinese female acquired a huge liberation in the modern age, owned a right for a job and had already been subjected to an educational power as well.But the realistic circumstance is, two to these none of guaranteeses of powers are good enough, can not deny, gender discrimination of the work situation is universal existence, the little girl drops out of school a problem(particularly in the village region) to make a person more may sorrow.To thoroughly expel deeply rooted old idea have to at these much twoer put forth effort.Look back the United States, is exactly because the measure was emollient in the aspects of guaranteeing right for a job, implementation education right these aring two, its sexual equality business just obtained a substantial progress.The review christian louboutin shoes examines its policy and way of doing, don,t lack an apocalypse.

One is gender discrimination that the national level strengthens lawmaking and forbids work situation.In 1964, the United States will oppose gender discrimination to bring into people is rights bill.Afterward the first litigation comes from American stewardess.American airline stipulated at that time, the stewardess musted be "25 years old following, single", also how many request and standard concerning height weight, this and today the air service industry of China what it likeness.On the hearing of 1964 U.S. Congress, the high tube of airline is eloquent :Employing Christian Louboutin shoes a young single female is the demand of business competition, because the passenger likes to see that the beautiful stewardess passes beverage for them and orders smoke.It is gender discrimination to is thin to think(Martha Griffiths) in the congressman Ma Sa space the main push into the method, she openly asks question :Are you to conduct a brothel, still keep conducting an airline ?Have a conversation keynote flashback henceforth under, the airline soon lose in lawsuit, christian louboutin shoes American aviation industry later on flow out now large numbers of"empty milk" and"empty elder brother".In christian louboutin shoes 1965, American federal government established equal employment Tory Burch Shoes opportunities committee(EEOC) again and particularly took charge of the Qi of career to see, gender discrimination of the work situation immediately downs sharply.Two is a home level don,t weigh a male light female and give the child equal education opportunity.In 1970, in the university graduate student of the United States, female has 36%, in the last several decades, universal because of idea, measure get dint, this proportion at always ascension, in 2007 the female in whole beautiful university graduate students already 53.5%, more than 7 male percentage points, the female proportion in the Master graduate student then is higher.In order to educating the improvement of circumstance, the female is development opportunity continuously increment, currently, American female has already had "half side sky" of laboring the battalion above.Statistics a data to also express, up to 2007, all of big part of American families are that wife is educational backgrounds are higher, there are also 22% familieses, cuckoldry income Gao Chu husband.Because of this kind of new structure and form, the female is family position also consumedly promotes and owns more decision rights, the male starts undertaking more household choreses.This is called that it caused the extensive concern of the academic circles, journalistic circles for"the role Louboutin Shoes turns over" and discussion by the socialologist, lately 《monthly publication in Atlantic 》 even uses 《the end in male ages 》 as a cover story and inquires chanel shoes into female ages, rise in the United States.

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