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Enchères Unimog

Unimog 416 en vente aux enchères à Fleury les Aubray
vendredi 17 octobre 2008 par Andre Hernandez
Une vente d’unimogs 416 pompiers à Fleury les Aubray le 21 octobre nous est signalée par un membre sympathique.
En ce temps de récession...peut etre de belles affaires à faire ( mises à prix entre 1500 et 2000 euros)
Bonnes enchères
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> Enchères Unimog

jeudi 20 janvier 2011

According to Russian January 12 of news agency news, Russian meteorologist estimate said recently, the coming two day bad weather condition broke a bar the ice ship went to E Huo time gram sea the rescue was stranded of fishing ship.The Russian far east shipping company warns to call, the coming two day, the matter delivers the wind force of ground to also strengthen, the sea surface visibility will also differ more.According to know, the fishing boat surrounds distance in the location to defrost a waters to have 100 nautical miles around.On December 31, 2010, the "Suo many hero Sis give fertile" number fishing in Russia ship that carries to have 348 seamans is forced to be detained because the sea surface freezes as thick as 2 meters the time is at the E Huo gram sea.Equally Be surrounded to another 4 fishing boats of still having of the E Huo time gram waterses with it, 3 among those have already been broken an ice ship to give relief to a freeze waters recently.(Responsibility editor :Week path 偲 )Medium new agency New York give or get an electric shock(reporter, Sun Yu, stands) to at night divide on the 11th on January 11, New York starts to float heavy snow once again, according to the estimate of American weather bureau, this heavy snow will from the tonight always snow till tomorrow, anticipate accumulated Tiffany Jewellery snow to reach to tiffany jewellery 8-14 inches.Because after Christmas in that blizzard express dint not but suffer to denounce of mayor Peng Bo in New York, convene a news conference before coming in blizzard, enounce that New York gets into the Louis Vuitton Scarves weather state of emergency.

Parallel parking charge, recall garbage etc. immediately stop, the mayoral〃 office urges public to condescend Tiffany Canada to come a period Tiffany and Co in blizzard and avoid the whole otiose drive, make use of public pileup as far as possible.On the news conference, the Peng Bo also lowers the head to admit blizzard of last time in of blunder away, and promise this circumstance to can,t take place again.The Peng Bo is this new set 15 blizzard rescue an activity plan, he says, now time of in blizzard, wreath Wei worker 12 hour, the on duty by turn falls on the ground to clean up accumulated snow, 365 Sa salt car and more than 1700s sweep sledge also embattled.On top of that, New York City arranged 200 private companies to help spade snow.The medium Tiffany Rings comment on, for face the New York City but speech of USD 2,400,000,000 budget deficit, these raise Cuo it may be said generous.A Tiffany Bracelet lot of street areas in New York that day afternoon already Sa used for the salt grain Tiffany Jewelry that turns snow, at about 11:00 p.m., can hear sweep the sledge bellowing but leading on the street.This is New York to face blizzard for the third time for three weeks.In fact, this time blizzard wades a lot of regions in the northeast of the United States, weather bureau in the United States nation predicts, from Tuesday Giorgio Armani scarf evening to Wednesday morning, snowfall in Philadelphia will attain 5-8 inches, the north of New Jersey Gucci Scarves attains 4 inches, the south of Delaware attains 2-6 inches, snowfall in Boston attains Chanel Scarves 9-15 inches, Louisiana, Alabama and Zuo cures second and card Luo is coming to states like Na,etc have already declared into state of emergency.

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