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Allumage 404

vendredi 1er juin 2007
J’ai modifié, trés simplement, l’allumage blindé de mon 404, pour y monter des bougies normales.
Le moteur ronronne.
Je peux donner la recette à qui la veut.
A ciao

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New Generation Dating Service

vendredi 22 octobre 2010

I’d like to tell you about new generation of dating sites. If you have not found your mate yet, this information will be helpful.

On a new services, such as - [url=][/url] you do not need to have a long and tedious correspondence with your potential partners. One of distinctive features is a [b]free webcam video chat[/b], where you can chat as in a text chat, as in voice with video, just like natural communication in a real life dating. [b]free videochat[/b] gives you many opportunities. You can be either in the common room with all other visitors, or separate your company in a separate room, even may be password-protected, so that no outsider not disturbing you. Also, you can to talk in a [b]very private audio and video chat[/b] with your partner. Just here in any chat room you can play [b]free flash games[/b] and [b]record a video messages[/b] to your potential partners in your personal video webcam gallery.

If you prefer to communicate only in the format of [b]one-on-one with audio and video[/b], then you will approach service "Users online", may be rather more comfortable, than a famouse chatroulette service. The people enter this service with included Web cameras, so you can easyly find a partner and just talk to him (or her) in live audio-video format alone. However, [b]you do not have to communicate with anyone who wishes to talk with you[/b]. Before starting of a dialogue system ask you permission to communicate with each whishing person. And then - just like in real life - you see companion and communicate with him on any topic. You do not need anything to type on keyboard.

Another, and in my opinion, the most revolutionary service - [url=]Live video Sprint-Dates[/url] - at Having participated in one sprint-date session, you can talk for an hour with 5-10 potential partners. As in real life, just once to see a person and spread with him or her just a few words to understand - he or she - the one with which you are willing to spend entire life !

Services such as blogs and forums for expression and communication is quite standard for modern Internet projects.

But the service [url=]User Places[/url] as it released on is fairly new and exciting. Each user on the site may mark on the world map their favorite places, places for meetings, recreation, just a beautiful place. And you can see, maybe someone likes the place that love and you ! This can mean a lot for you and for him ! Or you can simply find a new interesting places near your home, which others have found.

So, now you really can distinct the new dating services from the old ones.

Sorry, if I’m a bit offtop here :)

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